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We feel flattered!

Sure, when we ask our clients about how they feel about working with us to post their opinion on our website, it is about positive feedback. However, the feedback we have received of the past few days was much more than we had expected. The most recent one was sent to us by our client Kammgarn:

The Kammgarn Kaiserslautern has had quite a considerable number of agencies under contract in the past, until we got lucky an discovered cala media.

In contrast to her predecessors cala media has, in all those years of our cooperation, never disappointed us. Not once. Throughout, even in times of intense stress, they have delivered highly professional and impeccable work. The partners are willing and able to tend their services to weekend or public holidays if need be. Additionally, we would like stress their exceptionally harmonious interaction with her client. I can only thoroughly recommend cala media to anyone.


We have the feeling that we are receiving thoroughly honest feedback and are nevertheless showered with praise. This motivates us tremendously and we are hoping for more feedback still. A big "Thank you!" to all who have taken the time! We are thrilled!


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