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What our clients say about us: PRISMA

Christian Schneider, of the University of Mainz cluster of excellence PRISMA was so kind as to provide us with a feedback about working with us on the single-page quiz app. We love his feedback so much that we just cannot keep it to ourselves:

Working with cala media was characterized by uncomplicated communication, a fine-tuned feeling for reasonable and practical solutions and last but not least an exceptional sense of good and appealing design. This made working with cala media not only a lot of fun, but also inspired the people using the product at our booth on the science fair 2015. Here they could find out about the secrets of the smallest particles.

The software developed by cala media benefitted from years of know how of its team. Our questions, suggestions and requests were handled and implemented in a very professional manner. Overall, our cooperation with cala media was extremely positive and pleasant. It just was a lot of fun to work with such an enthusiastic team as our partner.

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