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The relaunch of our own website

There are a few things only that seem to be easier to postpone than the relaunch of your own website. However, after more than six years, we have sent the website from our start-up phase into retirement.

The administration of the content is fun again, now that we based the website on TYPO3 and the responsive design takes devices into account that had not been on the market then.

We feel that our new website is a stage for our work. Is was important to us to create enough space for images and emotion. Thus, we have made a conscious decision to keep the design simple in order to be able to influence the character of the whole website with the help of various images.

We have strictly avoided long texts and complicated navigational structures. The idea was to get straight to the point. We feel that there is still plenty of time for details and shoptalk over a coffee during a first get-together. Important questions, however, are meant to be answered immediately on the website without having to look for too long.

We hope that it is not just us who are happy with the result and we are looking forward to any feedback or criticism.

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